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Fuck Yeah Hunchback of Notre Dame


OOC: Going through old stuff and look what I’ve found! If only I still had a VHS player I could watch Clopin be bae and sing along.

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D23.com - Why Patrick Page Is Excited For You To See The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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'HUNCHBACK' to be emotionally deeper, will have 10 new songs



Playbill.com wrote up a little featurette about Disney’s HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME with Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Peter Parnell (libretto), and Scott Schwartz (director).

In it, we learn that:

  • The musical will be “emotionally deeper” because they are liberated from “needing to reach a family audience.”
  • They are “bringing more nuance” to Frollo and explore "the complexity inside him."
  • The musical will differ “both in form and at times in content” from the movie and will be closer to Victor Hugo’s narrative.
  • There will be a “different ending” and "ten new songs or pieces of songs," some coming from the Berlin version and some completely new.

Pretty exciting! Especially for those who were against a family-friendly show.

Hunchback starts preview performances on Oct 26. and opens  Nov. 9. 

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[First image: Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, spinning around a spear as if it were a pole.

Second image: Clopin, shrugging.]

(520): I’m taking a pole dancing class this morning. Can I put you down as my emergency contact? I’m NOT putting my mother

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Clopin’s Horrid Halloween

A long overdue gift for a friend.

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who is the monster and who is the man?

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All are συтcαѕтѕ, suggests screenwriter Tab Murphy.
- quotes taken from Disney’s Hunchback: Press Kit 31 

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Pics from HUNCHBACK rehearsals and set building work-in progress. Am I the only one who finds it disgustingly cute that they have HoND toys from 1996 lying around?

P.S. Arden looks like he lacks a beard, so you can all relax about Quasi’s potential facial hair. XD

Special thanks to Michael Arden, Samantha Massell, Beth Kirkpatrick, and La Jolla Playhouse for sharing these awesome pictures.

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Unlimited List of My Favorite Things

Favorite Disney Songs {4/?} : God Help the Outcasts

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Esmeralda and Frollo dance in Disneyland Paris [x]

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it demands a sacrifice

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