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Fuck Yeah Hunchback of Notre Dame


Tropes in HoND: Beware the Nice Ones

"The sweeter, gentler, more polite, more peaceful, and overall nicer a character is, the worse it will be for whomever is in the vicinity when they’re subject to one round too many of Break the Cutie, or Dude, Where’s My Respect?, a Rant Inducing Slight, or hitting their Berserk Button or Rage Breaking Point. What was once a sweet and nice individual suddenly snaps and becomes something far worse than the Big Bad could have expected.”

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The Bells of Notre Dame // The Hunchback of Notre Dame

you can lie to yourself and your minions
you can claim they you haven’t a qualm
but you never can run from nor hide

what you’ve done from the eyes

the very eyes of  N o t r e  D a m e

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'Hunchback' Musical: Gargoyles to be played by puppets? Plus staging and marketing info



So I ran across La Jolla Playhouse’s San Diego Tourism Marketing District (SDTMD) application for funding from December 2013 and it’s filled with some info we haven’t heard of before. [LINK]

According to them…

  • The musical will draw more heavily on the Gothic setting and darker tone of (Victor) Hugo’s novel.”
  • The production team wants “the focus to be on the actors and the music”
  • The setting will “be relatively simple and inspired by the medieval style.”
  • It will also include "built-in puppetry that the actors will manipulate as Quasimodo interacts with the gargoyles in the bell tower."

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I have just seen death

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Top 10 Disney Movies (as voted by my followers)
 #8 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
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The eyes of Notre Dame

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'HUNCHBACK' Updates: Esme Understudy, Choir Rehearsals, Stephen Schwartz, etc.


We’ve found the understudy for Esmeralda! Samantha Massell! [sorry if this is late news]:image

"Samantha will next be seen in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (ensemble, Esmeralda u/s) at the La Jolla Playhouse and Papermill Playhouse."

HUGGGE thanks to despiteyourdestination for this bit of news! :D


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the hunchback of notre dame + scenery

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Hellfire + Concept Art

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