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Fuck Yeah Hunchback of Notre Dame
Esmeralda has seen a lot, she has a lot to be angry about, but at her core she’s a wonderfully heartfelt, emotional person
~ The Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame
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How could such a cruel man have raised someone like you?

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the Hunchback of Notre Dame → songs

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Hey guys, if you ever wanted to meet Stephen Schwartz, there’s a decent chance that he will attend a lunch with fans during Hunchback’s La Jolla run (Oct 26 - Dec 7, 2014).

Per his official newsletter:


I’m planning a lunch for Schwartz fans, probably for November 1st. There is a good chance Stephen will join us (as he did at a meal we had in 2003 at the pre-Broadway tryout of Wicked). Email me privately at carol@musicalschwartz.com to be added to the list. (We’ll think about a get-together for the New Jersey production in 2015.)

I will post this again as we get nearer to the premiere. If you’re interested, you can always email carol@musicalschwartz.com for more complete details. =)

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Day 14: The most chilling villain demise

Frollo. “And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit”.

Guess who’s wicked and plunges into a fiery pit? I love it.

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Erik Liberman is going to play Clopin this October in the U.S. premiere of Disney’s ‘Hunchback’.

From his official website:

”(…)and in fall 2014, Erik will originate the role of “Clopin” in Disney’s new musical, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.

Liberman joins Patrick Page (Frollo) as the only actors who have personally confirmed their involvement. =)

'Hunchback' premieres Oct. 26, 2014 @ La Jolla Playhouse and Mar. 4, 2015 @ Paper Mill Playhouse.

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Tony Jay talks about his character Frollo

HEY!  Do not repost this!  I got permission from the person who uploaded this video to post both here and at deviantART.  You just went and took this and reposted it!  I see on your blog you take a lot of stuff from people and give no credit. 

Here’s my original post on this: http://christinefrollophile.tumblr.com/post/81808315352/a-huge-thank-you-to-darthscyther-from-deviantart

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Saturday Night Live S39E21 - Andy Samberg / St. Vincent

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Tropes in HoND: Arc Words

"An enigmatic word or phrase that appears, unexplained and without context, here and there throughout an Arc, and (with luck) is finally explained at or near the climax. A way of building up tension and mystery, as well as an indicator that anyone using the words knows more than they’re telling. Can also be used as a memetic way of advertising the show. A typical element of a Mind Screw.”

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Bitchin stills from ‘Der Glockner von Notre Dame”

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Esmeralda appreciation week Day Four: Favourite Outfit

The Festival of Fools

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           ❝ You fight a l m o s t as well as a man. ❞

Esmeralda Appreciation Week ↬ Day One: Favorite Scene

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